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We don’t build in order to have clients. We have clients in order to build…

Our owners Thomas and Gabriel Reyes are brothers that grew up in the small West Texas town of Littlefield. While working at a young age in the cotton fields surrounding the town they learned the invaluable lesson of having a hard work ethic and working together to see a job done well all the way through to the end.

Gabriel Reyes, Owner

Gabriel Reyes is married to Alexandra Reyes and is the proud father of his four kids, Natalia, Mason, Emma, and Olivia.

Gabriel served 6 years in the United States Army and served one combat tour in the Hindu Kush Mountains of Afghanistan. After leaving the military Gabriel graduated from Texas Tech University with a degree in History. It was shortly thereafter that Gabriel and Thomas began working with one another to begin their endeavors as not only brothers; but business partners in construction, real estate, and other entrepreneurial opportunities. Gabriel contributes his success to God and Alexandra.

Gabriel enjoys working through Artistry Homes to provide an experience through customer service that you won’t experience anywhere else in Lubbock. He also prides himself in the being part of a company that is sincere and honest in their customer service and hard working principles. Gabriel and Alex are active members of Church on the Rock where they love to serve others and their community.

At Artistry Homes you're not just another client we get to work with or house we get to build; you become part of our family.

Thomas Reyes, Owner

Thomas Reyes is married to Anna Reyes and is the proud father of his three children, Evan, Zaila, and Adeline.

Thomas and Anna both grew up in Littlefield together and were High school sweethearts. After trying college for a semester Thomas decided that he would rely on his strong work ethic to provide for his family. Always being entrepreneurial in spirit Thomas worked various trade jobs in the construction realm before starting his own business 7 years ago at the age of 23. Though owning a small business was tough at times, Thomas stayed the course with his unmatchable work ethic and can-do attitude and as a result learned invaluable life and business lessons that would benefit him in the future. It was then that Thomas used that wisdom along with his younger brother Gabriel’s systematic approach to business and customer service to work together to create the company as it is today. Thomas contributes his success to God and Anna.

Through the formation of Artistry Homes Thomas enjoys helping others realize their dreams through the renovation of their existing house or the new construction of their dream home. He also prides himself in the being part of a company that is grounded in the principles of hard work and dedication. Thomas and Anna are active members of Church on the Rock where they look for new ways to volunteer alongside their friends and family.


We truly build custom homes with your family in mind!

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