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We believe that your house isn’t just a place where you lay your head down every night, but instead a home where your family  experiences the joys of life together.

Building the Home of Your Dreams

We want you you to get know us, and we want to get to know you as well. We understand that the process of building a home can seem somewhat overwhelming and we want to make this decision as stress free as possible. Once you feel completely comfortable and at peace with your decision and we have come to terms, we will begin building your home.

Free Introductory Meeting

Our Home Building process beings during a meeting conducted with no obligation or cost to you!

Love your location, but hate your house’s outdated look? ​

Artistry Homes is your turn-key contractor for all of your remodeling needs. Don’t waste your time with “fly-by-night” contractors that start a job and then suddenly stop answering your calls. Instead, call Artistry Homes, a leading remodeling expert in the Lubbock area. We have the tools and skills needed to turn your current house into your dream home.

Turn-Key Contractor

Let us completely remodel your home from start-to-finish!

Designed for home buyers looking for a move-in ready option!

Speculation homes are built without a specific buyer in a mind but still have the unique style Artistry Homes is known for. These homes are expressions of our creativity and serve as inspiration to future custom builds. It is a custom home built specific to the neighborhood!

Save time and get a new home quicker!

Move into a newly constructed home and skip the “new construction” process!

Plan for your future by investing in real estate today!

Do you ever watch those home improvement shows and think to yourself, “I could totally do that.” or ” I’d like to try and invest in  a flip or rental, but don’t know where to start.” Well, let our team at Artistry Homes put your mind at ease and your money to work for you! Whether it’s finding you a “flip” property or purchasing a “fixer upper” for you to live in Artistry Homes is your one stop shop for locating, purchasing, renovating, and selling your properties.

Let Your Money Work For You

Owning a home is a keystone of wealth… both financial affluence and emotional security. – Suze Orman


Ready to build?

Design a home tailored to your individual budget, needs, and life.

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